Few Misconceptions That People Have Regarding Use of Bong

If you are a regular smoker then you must have used bongs, at least once in your life time or heard about it. Bongs are also known as billy, bubbler or binger. They are water pipes that are generally used for smoking cannabis.

People have been using these bongs since hundreds of years and this very word bong has been derived from a Thai word called “baung”. People in Thailand smoked weed using a bamboo pipe, which is the original bong.

Bongs available today look lot more complicated as compared to what was used with simple bamboo tube, however basic process remains the same.

You may continue to read more and learn few more things about bongs and clear few misconceptions that people have for this smoking device. You can also buy its modern version from online by visiting the website https://expresssmokeshop.com.

1. Whether bigger bongs will affect you more?

Certainly bigger bongs may hold more smoke but overall quality of your smoking experience does not depend too much on sizes. Even small sized bongs can offer more kick, if you use its various add-ons.

2. Whether by holding the smoke for longer will affect you more?

It is a myth that by holding the smoke for longer time you will get better effects of the weed. On the contrary by holding smoke for longer in your lungs, you are exposing yourself to carcinogens, which can be health risk too.

3. Whether vaporizers are always better than bongs?

Vaporizers can be healthy option only when you use it responsibly. People have been using unregulated cannabis cartridges while using vaporizer which was counterproductive. Vaporizers were earlier considered to be healthy alternate to smoking.

4. Whether mangoes actually can enhance cannabis experience?

Mangoes contain terpenes called Myrcene, which is also found in cannabis. Myrcene has certain therapeutic properties and it can also increase the intensity of high. So, eating mango 45 minutes to 2 hours before smoking is ideal.

5. Whether coughing will get you higher?

Coughing occurs naturally during smoking sessions but it does not make you higher. Though you may feel after coughing for 5 minutes when rip gets settled in, same experience lungs can get when you inhale smoke for too long. Actually, this can cause lack of oxygen.

6. Whether by eating raw flower regularly get you stoned?

By eating any raw weed will never get you stoned. Actually it is heating process when the flower will be sparked with lighter and flower is lit. THC will be combusted into powerful chemical known as THCA which will offer the cannabis effect.

7. Whether can you really drink bong water?

Not only bong water would taste terrible but also, you will not be able to hold it. So, whatever your friends may advice, but you should never try to drink bong water.

8. Whether bongs are even dirtier than toilet seat?

This question compelled researchers to make a study. Few case have reported that people are affected by pulmonary tuberculosis by sharing a bong. However, without sharing too your lungs will be at risk and get infected.

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