History of Bongs That You Too Should Enjoy to Read

Humanity has constantly evolved by inventing many new things and we have come a long way from discovering the wheel to scientific dab rigs, which finally came in the shape of percolator bongs.

As a matter of fact, bongs have been in use much before when it was introduced in quite different forms, as compared to what its present form that we see today.

If you look at the past history about pipe and bong uses for smoking cannabis, then it was prevalent long time back in the ancient Asian countries. So let us know, how these two things finally combined during late 60s of the twentieth century, and created an iconic smoking accessory, which is available now in many sizes, shape and design.

Nowadays you can find modern form of bong for sale from the website of https://expresssmokeshop.com/collections/bongs which is much more advanced version as compared to what was prevalent during ancient times.

Ancient bongs

There are few articles that has come to our notice, which list the 2400-year-old Scythian artefacts that is considered as the earliest form of bongs. Also, during 2015, certain set of large and solid gold dishes have been discovered in Russia.

There was residue coating, which contain both cannabis and opium. However, despite sensational reporting about this discovery, no evidence have been found that these dishes actually were used as bongs.

Chinese bubblers

Chinese smokers had started using Persian-style hookahs sometime during the 16th century. Various accounts suggest that those hookahs were quite similar to designs what we can observe even today.

Hookahs reached to China through certain old trade routes. Local artisans soon started replicating and improving the design, with their own techniques, rituals, traditions and practices.

By 17th century, this so-called ‘The Chinese water pipe’ used became much smaller and also more portable as compared to hookahs. Soon these water pipes became popular both among the peasants and also the nobility.

The rise of the glass pipe

The bong industry for many centuries, flourished from Silk Road to rest of world, particularly tobacco became cash crop after the European colonization happened in America.

During this period, glass industry was passing through golden age, particularly with glass lamp shades that conquered the whole market in 19th century. The real boom however took place during 20th century, and glass bongs was introduced in between 1960s and 1970s.

The man who was behind this great bong movement was called Bob Snodgras. He became the real symbol of the moment and designed glass bongs all across the country.

Snodgras initially used borosilicate glass that was the cleanest and also most durable glass. Finally it was in the Eugene, where Snodgrass started with fuming this process which uses silver as well as gold, in order to put colors within the borosilicate glass.

This borosilicate bong finally grabbed the notice of all Americans. People started using sturdy water pipes of glass, which was at forefront of every specialty stores. Finally by the end of 90s, Tommy Chong also hopped on the scene and launched his own bong brand, which was also signed by writing his name.

Future of bongs

As you can see bongs have gone through many changes and still people are coming up with many innovations. It appears that next step in the glass pipe evolution will be strongly connected with the dab rigs.

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