You’ll discover that we’re highly receptive to suggestions on the kind of content we publish. We welcome a wide variety of blog articles, from suggestions for interior design to practical advice. Your material must be original if it is to have any value, and this need should take precedence over all others. We are going to look through every contribution to check whether it has been lifted from another source or if you have contributed an item that has been twisted to make it sound like it was written by someone else. We will not accept the submission if this turns out to be the case. We don’t engage in product comparisons or the distribution of press releases, either.

Aside from these limitations, you are free to select whatever subject matter you’d like. You have the option of either sending us a summary of an article idea or sending us the whole text of the article itself. Remember that having a draft will help the process go much more quickly. Your talents as a writer will be exposed to us in this way. In the meanwhile, if you want us to consider your draft, we will need to approve your proposal first.

If you are looking for inspiration for things to write about on your blog, the following is a list of several formats that you might begin with.

  • Projects involving “do it yourself” techniques
  • Your favorite home decor suggestions
  • Testimonials on items that you adore.
  • The latest and greatest information about forthcoming items

Posting Guidelines

Because you are familiar with our content requirements at this point, you should also be familiar with our posting guidelines.

  • Keep your blog article relevant
  • The optimal number of words for us to have would fall between 500 and 2000.
  • You are permitted to submit quotations so long as you credit the original author appropriately.
  • At least one of the pictures you upload to your article has to have correct attribution.
  • You are allowed to include links to your work so long as those links do not direct readers to any of our rival websites.
  • You are to compose a conclusion.
  • Contributions to the post can be made in any format you like. This encompasses Google Docs, Word, Powerpoint, and other similar programs.
  • Make sure that what you write is intriguing! You can accomplish this by using headers, lists, and subheadings in your writing.
  • You ought to arrange your post in such a way that it is engaging. This includes things like lists, embedded links, headers, and subheadings, among other formatting elements.
  • When they submit their work, the majority of our writers like to include a little blurb about who they are. This provides the viewers with the opportunity to learn more about you and will persuade them to look at your profile.

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