Learn About Various Options Of Installing Swimming Pools

Swimming is important and required life skills. It gives you many health benefits. It relaxes your body and is a great exercise to tone your body. If done correctly, it also improves your breathing.

Previously, swimming pools were exclusive at fitness clubs, hotels, or spas. But now, they are found in most people’s houses. Having a swimming pool at home is a luxury. It adds visual appeal to your residence. Home pools can be used at your convenience and desired time without any restrictions such as ‘No Diving’.

If you want to get pool installation The Woodlands based licensed company, Woodlands Pool Builders delivers an excellent service to build a beautiful and quality pool for you. They provide multiple professional services such as pool construction, spa building, and remodeling with add-on water fountains or waterfalls, in-pool seating, pool lightings, and many more.

What material to choose for pool building?

The material you use can shape the design and shape of your pool so choose the material according to the design you want. Concrete and vinyl are materials that can be embodied in the design that you desire.  Fiberglass too comes in different shapes and colors popularly used for infinity pool design.

You can enhance the completed pool works with colored plaster or glass tiles creating the designs or symbols you like with mosaic or ceramic tiles. You can include pool sculptures such as fountains, statues, etc.

Types and designs of pool

  • Infinity pool

Also known as vanishing edge pools, they give a dramatic effect on pool design. It seems as if the water endlessly flows like a waterfall but is recycled back into the pool. It is best suited for property in height overlooking the best landscape scenery of ocean, mountains, or cityscape.

  • Above Ground pool

This type of pool is above the ground and affordable due to its lower price compared to inbuilt pools. It is portable and comes in different shapes. It can easily be placed in different types of land.

  • Family pool

Family pools are like smaller scale Water Park meant for recreation and family time. It may include mini slides, cave, or tunnels.

  • Architectural pool

Complementing the materials used and structure of the house, geometric and sophisticated architectural pools are designed by architects.

  • Indoor pool

Indoor pools are under a roof with at least three-walled insulation. They can be of any geometric shape and size depending on the perimeter of the indoor area. They are suitable for swimming throughout the year anytime without the influence of the weather.

  • Kiddie pool

The lowest costing pool is the inflatable and dispensable easy to store kiddie pool which can be placed in any available space of the house.

  • Lap pool

Rectangular shaped lap pools are narrow but lengthy. It is meant for health and fitness purposes where you can take swimming laps and exercise.

  • Natural pool

Originated from Europe, natural pools are also called swimming ponds. It is built in the natural surrounding near gardens or stoned walls and can be designed with waterfalls and boulders to give more natural vibes. However, due to being vulnerable to different groundwater runoff, it needs to include water filters.

  • Olympic sized pool

Olympic sized pools are mostly suitable for professional athletes and swimmers who are capable of taking the full lap of the huge and deep pools.

  • Plunge pool

Plunge pools are cold-water pools with therapeutic benefits as it has been used in Chinese medicine for over a thousand years. Athletes are found to take a dip in the cold pool after their workout or relaxing sauna sessions.

  • Saltwater pool

Widely popular in Australia and New Zealand, the saltwater pool has a built-in saltwater dissolver. It might look like a regular swimming pool with chlorine, but it is comparatively gentler on your body and clothes. The pool does not smell like a chemical.

  • Spool

The spool is the combination of a spa and pool. Many people are requesting the installation of spool because it reduces your spa session costs and is fit for your downsized property. You can now get spa-like relaxation at home.


It is important to design a layout of the pool and before you bring builders to dig up a hole on your property. You can customize the shape of the pool you want to install. But make sure you get the right kind of pool that fulfills your purpose of getting it with suitable materials or additional that you can maintain and that compliments your property.

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