5 Common Mistakes Incurred by Most When Designing a Landscape

If your idea of a garden is to bring peace and tranquillity to your surroundings or if you want to create a space that will impress your guests once you start planning the project you want to make sure every inch of the area is treated right.

However, when you actually start implementing the ideas, most of the time you will end up making one common mistake after another. Changing specifics after installation is what you want to avoid at all cost.

One way is to hire a landscape professional designer and architect from Outward Design in Melbourne to ensure you, your space, and your money is treated safely. At the same time you can expect that you will be provided with perfect and creative solutions to suit your needs.

What are the 5 most common mistakes you will encounter while designing a landscape and how to avoid them?

On the other hand if you try to do it yourself, first teach yourself some common do’s and don’ts of landscape designing. Avoiding mistakes that others have already experienced can save you a lot of time, effort, and money. Here we will elaborate a few common mistakes that can be easily prevented with mindful planning and implementation:

  • Mistake: Not leaving room for a landscape budget can prove to be very expensive at the end.

Solution: Allot 10-15% of your total building budget towards the landscape budget or complete the landscape design in stages if you feel you are short on investment.

  • Mistake: starting planting trees right away without prior planning.

Solution: Invest some time and gather knowledge of the soil and climate characteristic of your space and plant trees that will thrive in such conditions. You also need to plan how to utilize the space as your garden will continually expand when your saplings will grow into large trees. You don’t want to overcrowd or under crowd the space.

  • Mistake: Not pulling out weeds on a timely basis.

Solution: Take help of family members and pull out weeds regularly. Weeds overgrow at a faster pace and will not leave enough space and nutrients for your plants that you have sown with much effort. Not to forget, weeds make your yard look unattractive.

  • Mistake: Giving your garden a monochrome tone of green

Solution: If you want to enhance your garden’s visual appeal, you need to mix seasonal perennials with evergreens. Add different textures and hues. This makes everything sing in harmony.

  • Mistake: Not fertilizing your garden appropriately.

Solution: You need to learn about the right amount and frequency of fertilization needed for your lawn. Talk to experts and fix a fertilizing schedule to tend to the health of the grass and plants of your garden space.

After giving a thought on the above mentioned mistakes and their solutions, if you do not feel confident, hire a professional and let their expertise get the work done. It will save you time, efforts and will also help you avoid costly design mistakes.

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