Know About COVID-19 And Pneumonia – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and More

When it comes to novel coronavirus, infected people may or may not experience symptoms. In few cases, coronavirus can cause severe illness and even death. According to research studies coronavirus can also cause health conditions like pneumonia, infection of lungs generally caused by fungi, bacteria and virus.

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COVID-19 and pneumonia

SARS-COV-2 infection starts when virus containing respiratory droplets enters into the respiratory tract (upper). This virus multiplies progress into lungs and develops pneumonia.

Lungs has a small air sac called alveoli, when you breathe oxygen, it enters lungs by crossing bloodstream within alveoli. SARS-CoV-2 infection will damage alveoli as well as surrounding tissues. When immune system fight with virus, inflammation develop dead cells in lungs, which causes coughing and breathing difficulty.

Those with coronavirus pneumonia may also develop ARDS, a respiratory failure that occurs when air sacs present in lungs fill with fluid.

How coronavirus pneumonia differs from common pneumonia?

Symptoms of both viral pneumonia and coronavirus pneumonia are similar, so it’s quite difficult to find out the condition without testing the patient. Still, research is going on to find the differences between both and the affect of COVID-19 on lungs.

According to few research studies, it is found that coronavirus pneumonia can have affect on both lungs rather than one, abnormalities in liver functioning and appearance of ground-glass through CT scan.

Coronavirus symptoms

·       Chills

·       Fever

·       Chest pain

·       Breathing difficult

·       Fatigue

In severe cases, people may experience trouble in breathing and low levels of oxygen. Pneumonia can also lead to ARDS in most serious cases.

People at high risk

Few people are at high risk for causing serious symptoms such as ARDS and pneumonia due to coronavirus. Let us know about them:

·       Older people 65 nd above are at high risk for causing serious illness.

·       People staying in caring facilities like nursing home, assisted caring facilities are also at risk.

·       People with serious health conditions like asthma, heart conditions, and diabetes, obesity, liver, kidney and lung diseases are at increased risk.

·       Weakened immunity system also causes serious coronavirus. People who take drugs or medications, which weaken immune system, cancer treatment, organ transplantation and HIV are at risk.

Treatment for coronavirus pneumonia

Currently, there is no particular treatment for coronavirus. Few medications and therapies are being recommended by healthcare professionals to treat COVID-19. Those with coronavirus pneumonia have to focus on supporting care to ease their symptoms. Oxygen therapy is used to treat patients with coronavirus pneumonia.

If you are experiencing any above stated symptoms, then contact your doctor immediately to seek advice. Serious coronavirus pneumonia can cause secondary bacterial infections, so be cautious.

Follow the preventive measures like washing hands, wearing mask and maintaining social distance will help you in protecting yourself and others from virus. So, choose the best store that sells face masks and order today.

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