All That You Need to Consider While Choosing Your Garden Shed

Are you planning to purchase a garden shed for your backyard? Before buying your garden shed first you must decide the size. Also, you need to consider its type or shape.

If you do little research then you will find many different designs of sheds like Workshop sheds, rectangle and large, square type having gable roof, diamond shape available from the City Centre Sheds that can fit into a corner etc.

Following are few things that you must consider before you select your garden shed:

  • How large shed you need?

Make sure that your shed is large enough to accommodate all the garden tools and other equipment, and also provide space for workshop to perform certain small jobs like building, painting or repairing any item. There should be little extra space for your garage to park your car.

  • How big is your land?

If your yard is small then there will be sufficient space for creating a small shed, however for any larger area your maximum shed size will be decided by your country’s building codes, which may not be big issue.

However, any large shed will provide more space for working and storing additional equipment.

  • How to blend with the surrounding?

The appearance like its size, shape and colour must blend with other surrounding buildings around your property and particularly it must match with the shed of your immediate neighbourhood.

Also, the landscape including lawn, trees and slopes will also influence your choice.

  • How will you prepare for your shed?

Ensure that your garden shed sits on firm and levelled base. Typically, base is built from either concrete, timber or paving slabs.

While deciding location of your base, make sure that you take into account about roof overhang so that water from your roof does not run into your neighbouring garden.

Build your base slightly larger than shed’s dimensions.

  •  Which material will you choose for shed?

As far as material to be used for the shed is concerned, you have number of choices. You can prefer for wooden shed, metallic shed or plastic sheds.

Each of them has their own pros and cons, however depending upon your choice and available budget you may choose the right material for your shed.

  • Whether the entry has easy access?

You need to also consider size of the garden, as well as any walls or fences that are close to the area where you are planning to install your garden shed. Closing all the fences or walls may prevent you from accessing your entry.

Besides that, there may be a little inconvenience while treating or painting the shed. Try to make sure that nothing will touch the shed.

  •  What is the weather condition of your area?

While building a long lasting shed, it is important to consider what kind of weather, rainfall, winds, depth of snowfall or frost etc. This will also affect your cost.

  • What is your budget?

Based on all these consideration you have to ensure that you have necessary budget for the project.

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