Easy to Adapt Tips to Clean Your Bubblers

Bubblers are remodeled version of water pipe or bong. People who love to use water pipes can never let go bubblers as they provide added advantages. The modern water pipe device provides smooth hit and moreover quite portable for usage purpose anytime and anywhere.

Like the other smoking equipment your bubblers need to be cleaned every few weeks to enjoy its usage in a safe way. Bubblers do clog up easily as it filters the impurities and ashes. Moreover, there are ample chances of it getting affected by microbes ready to spoil your general health.

Why to clean the bubbler?

  • To get rid of microbes that might spoil your health. There are high chances of bacteria accumulation due to the complex design of the device.
  • The resin and mold that gests accumulated can be eliminated to have a clean air and water flow.
  • The lifespan or your Bubbler enhances. While maintaining the device in the good condition will aid in using the smoking tool for many years.

Though it is easier to clean bubbler, you need to be quite careful while cleaning the parts. Actually, removing the resin is quite hard thus it will be helpful to heed the advice of regular users of bubblers to know the right way to clean the smoking device properly with utmost care.

Here are the tips and easy to do method for cleaning the bubbler:

  • You need to have the right supply.
    • Isopropyl alcohol/ vinegar/ baking soda/ lemon water
    • Salt
    • Warm water
    • Plastic bags
    • Rubber bands
    • Pipe cleaners having soft bristles
    • Best to have running water source
  • Starting tips.
    • Be careful while cleaning the small parts like internal percolators.
    • You need to have ample of free time.
    • The cleaning solution needs to be right.
    • Need ample sunlight or artificial heat source to help the device to dry fully.
  • Now the Process.
    • You need to take 16oz alcohol mixed with one by fourth salt fully dissolved. You can even use vinegar or soda in place of alcohol to make the solution. Lemon water is the best as it doesn’t have any chemical compounds, but will be a length process to do.
    • You need to fill the bubbler with the solution.
    • Seal the ends with plastic bags tighten with rubber bands.
    • You can keep the bubbler soaked in the solution for more than half an hour.
    • Rinse the solution and if you still fill the bubbler, it will not look like a new one, you can continue the process for few more times.
    • While to remove the resins and other impurities, you can use pipe cleaners gently in the inner part of the pipe.
    • You need to rinse well under running water for few minutes to remove the solution fully. You need to dry bubbler quite well before using it again. While any proportion of moist remains will surely aid in the growth of bacteria at a faster rate.

You can use your bubbler bong again looking exclusive like a new piece of smoking device. While planning to buy well designed creative pieces of bubblers log on to popular sellers of it like expresssmokeshop.com.

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