Do You Know the Reasons Why Drain Gets Blocked?

In any typical home, there can be many different types of drains like kitchen drain, storm water drain, toilet drain and bathroom drain among the others. When all these drains get clogged, the waste water may get backed up that cause a number of problems.

Usually, you pay attention to the storm drain when it gets clogged while rain water suddenly enters your gutters during heavy rain. Slow rain water drainage is also a common sign of having blocked drains.

In case of slow flowing toilet or overflowing toilet that is sure a blockage sign. If your bathtub takes a long time to drain water, then your bathtub drain must be clogged.

Similar signs can be observed in your kitchen sink. In case of any kind of drain clogging, you must call any one of accredited Sydney plumbers to clear the drain.

Following are some of the common reasons for clogging of your drain.

1. Foreign objects

Mostly few common foreign objects can always block the drain system e.g. nappies, too much tissue papers, soaps and sanitary items. If you have young children then it is likely that they even flush toys or other substances in the drain.

All these will not only completely block the drain, but can also cause build-up of many other substances and create a serious clog.

2. Grease and fats

Grease and fats are major cause of drain clogging that can be easily prevented. Mostly, fats and grease material come from food residues or soaps that are usually washed and flows in the drain.

When dirty waters go down the drain, all fats and greasy matters solidify because of their sticky properties. Draining mild drain cleaner or hot water can help to prevent drain clogs.

3. Hair

Hair build-up may create huge problem for homeowners. If you normally shave in the bathroom or wash your hair then it can cause regular stubborn clogs.

Such hair clogs will become tough when they combine with many other materials like grease and fat. Many products available on the market that you can use for catching the hair before it go down the drain.

4. Poor workmanship

Drain system quality also contributes as far as blocked drains are concerned. If your pipes are too fragile then they may get damaged and this may lead to blocked drain.

To avoid problems such pipes must feed water with a lot of care. Often the quality of plumbing work can also be the reason for the problem.

5. Trees and leaves

Having trees around your compound mostly along your sewer line can cause build-up in your sewer line to create a clog. Tree roots are tough to deal as they may get into the drain by cracking your pipe to search of moisture.

By flushing down chemicals you can kill tree roots and prevent their growth inside the pipe.

6. Twigs and leaves in the gutters

Normally trees may shed a lot of twigs and leaves that may land on roof and finally get into the gutter. Eventually this will lead to pipe blockage. If the debris gets into storm water drain, then blockage will occur.

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