6 Marketing Strategies to Market Your CBD Product

CBD oil is a magical elixir with many benefits (physical and mental). It is a popular consumer product. More consumer brands are being created as CBD is increasingly popular.

There are many forms of CBD-infused products, including edibles, gummies and pills, cbd vape oil and treats for dogs. There are also many everyday products that contain CBD, such as creams, lotions and coffee. With so many new brands, it is no surprise that CBD is a hot space for innovators and entrepreneurs.

Below are some marketing strategies that can effectively promote CBD products.

  1. Concentrate Offline

CBD brands must be creative, as Google, Twitter and other companies have restricted paid advertising for CBD products.

Reaching out to potential customers at the grassroots level is a good idea. CBD brands can reach their target customers through many channels. Events such as farmer’s markets, outdoor expositions, and health and wellness retreats are all great channels. are perfect channels.

These channels are proven and can be used to communicate your CBD products to potential customers. They can smell it, play with it, and even test it.

This is a great way to generate user-generated content that can help build trust. This is an excellent way to create customer-centric content your target audience will love.

2. A physical address is required

Standing out can be achieved by having a physical address and not just an e-commerce company. This will allow you to provide faster and better service to your target.

3. Social Media is smart!

Although CBD products cannot be paid for advertising on Facebook or other social media platforms, this does not mean that you can’t build a social following. Social Media is not something you should avoid. Just follow the rules.

4. CBD-focused blog for content marketing

Digital marketing can be used to target cold prospects with content marketing. Keep in mind that there are many people searching for the following:

What CBD can do

Different types of CBD products

CBD products have health benefits

CBD has side effects

Is CBD safe to use on pets?

There are many types of CBD products

Where can I buy CBD products?

Your potential customers may also need to search for similar items.

5. Affiliate Marketing and CBD Influencers

High engagement is a must on Instagram. This is a proven method to get your content in front of potential customers.

If you already have influencers, you could offer them an affiliate marketing program. They will be able talk about CBD products with their followers.

Bloggers are another option to Instagram. You can find hundreds of CBD-related blogs that provide unique content for thousands of their followers. Be sure to choose top bloggers who are experts in their field.

6. Take a look at podcast ads

Podcast ads can be a powerful way to promote your CBD products to customers who are not subject to the same restrictions as other channels.


While we wait for social media platforms to remove restrictions on CBD products advertising, it is important to consider other options. This will allow CBD brands to reach potential customers who might be interested in their products.

Even if they don’t lift restrictions, these marketing strategies will help you stand out to your target customers.

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