Flooring on your mind?

Doing a renovation or building the new home of your dreams? Then do not just focus on the inside, make the exteriors as pretty as the interiors. It will shine out in the locality once you make a great walkway, driveway or patio. Not only your friends and family, but even those who pass by will be impressed. Even when you buy a new car there must be proper flooring to park it. A brand new car on a broken or muddy driveway will not look good. So give the exterior of your house equal importance. You can have many types of floors inside the house like wooden or carpeted, but on the outside, it must be sturdy and durable. Also, it must be weight-bearing. You can select from options like asphalt, gravel stones or resin bound.

So, how to go about it?

Whatever task you begin you must have a plan. Define a timeline you would like the whole work to finish in. Then next come the finances. Have a fixed amount of money separated for this task that you can spend. Accordingly, try to aim for the desired look of the whole place. Keep color scheme and texture complementary. If you are a trendy person you can play with colors and use vibrant shades. Else stick to the old school pastel shades that are a symbol of elegance and grace. For all these, you can use different shades of resin and have a firm base for your house on the outside. This will also keep the whole project in your affordable range. If you try out the resin-bound patio DIY kit you can save a few bucks here and there. This will allow you to buy extra elements for decoration.

Can you DIY the floor?

Yes, you can. There are many sorts of DIY kits available in the market that give you the freedom to do your own work. The resin patio is simple to make. Resin is quick settling and has a great finish. It takes a maximum of 12 hours to set and then it is ready to use. Once you have settled it for final drying after leveling a smooth surface, no polishing or grinding is needed. Mix and match colors to create 3 D effects or borders. There are kits available for each meter square so no wastage. In fact, there is a handle able amount in each bucket. So you can lift it yourself and do the job. Prior experience is not necessary for making the resin-bound floor.


Resin is not just fast, it is cool. It is a very Eco-friendly material. So you are not piling up mother nature with unwanted stuff. Rather it has a permeable surface so the water can flow away or seep into the ground below. The resin keeps the area dry. It is safe to be used with kids around as there are no loose stones to get hurt. Also, the surface is smooth so no slipping or tripping on big stones. A patio made of resin is suitable for all. Those who party hard as well as those who mind their own business and meditate.



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