Read This If You Are Buying a Condo

People will either love or simply hate any idea of living in a place like Kīhei. However, this is all based on an individual’s personal preference.

If you are living in Kīhei, then you are going to be close to over 6 miles of gorgeous coastlines of South Maui and also many beach parks. It is also very convenient for enjoying the beach almost on a daily basis.

If you buy condos for sale in Kihei, you will get a lot of amenities, e.g. shopping, gyms, restaurants, art studios, family activities, small businesses, and also great communities.

Few highlights on Kihei

  • Economy

The rate of unemployment here is 12.2% (while U.S. avg. is 6.0%). The job growth at present is positive, as the jobs have increased almost by 0.2%.

  • Cost of living

As compared to the other places of the country, the cost of living in Kihei is 64.4% which is higher than the average of the whole of the USA.

  • Weather and climate

The weather and climate of Kihei remain average.

  • Voting

During the last Presidential election, overwhelmingly Maui county remained Democratic with 66.6% to 31.1%.

  • Population

The population of Kihei’s is 22,220. Since 2010, the population growth so far was 11.9%.

  • Transportation

The average commute time in Kihei is 21.3 minutes whereas the national average is 26.4 minutes.

  • Real estate

The average home cost price in Kihei is about $643,600. During the last 10 years, the home appreciation rate has been seen as high as 5.7%.

  • Schools

The public schools of Kihei spend about $12,557 per student. Whereas the average USA school expenditure is $12,383. You will find about 15.9 students for each teacher in Kihei.

  • Average rainfall

Usually, Kīhei sees least rainfall in a year and is known as very hot and sometimes it will be really super-dry. However, some people just love it while few others prefer lower temperature.

Compared to all other Maui towns, you will find Kīhei to be full of action all throughout the day and also during the night. Also, Kīhei is considered to be a popular tourist destination where you can find all kinds of travelers.

You will find many seniors coming from Mainland USA as well as Canada are having their condos in Kīhei. Therefore, you can see any number of elderly travelers and a few part-time Maui residents available on the beach that are condo communities.

Besides, it is much economical to live in any Kīhei hotel while you are on vacation. The condos are often popular compared to the various resorts and hence Kīhei attracts many tourists from almost all over the world.

Kīhei also offers lots of opportunities to buy property, particularly in Maui where many property options are available for a residential buyer, and also investment and commercial property buyers.

If you are interested to buy a condo or other property then you can contact Evan Harlow R(S) who will be glad to provide details about this place that you are interested to know.

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