Documents That You Should Carry For The First Meet With The Mortgage Broker 

While planning to meet a local mortgage broker, you should be fully prepared. It is the first and an important step towards your goal of owning a house, and hence you will surely be excited about this. Many things are considered as a must-have during this meeting. If you are not sure, then you can consider the help of a local mortgage broker company to help you.

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What to carry for the first meet with a mortgage broker? 

Here are some of the must-haves while planning to meet your mortgage broker in the first meeting.

  • Personal ID 

Before making any transaction with you, the brokers will surely like to know your actual identification. Hence, carry any ID proof with the detailed address of your hometown, age, contact information, and so on. You can choose one of the options such as your driver’s license, social security ID, passport, and other such options.

  • Income Proof 

To make your lender believe that you are capable of purchasing any said property, you need to offer proof of your income to the mortgage brokers. This will determine the actual amount that you can loan from legal sources if and when needed. The employees with monthly earnings are suggested to carry your payslip with you.

  • Savings Evidence 

You need to carry proof of all the savings of yours in the form of bank slips, saving account statements, and so on. The details should include the savings from the past 3 to 6 months. If you are having cash that was a gift, then you need to carry a Statutory Declaration as provided by the person, who gifted you the amount.

  • Financial Commitment Details 

Even though you are already on some instalment commitments, you need to provide proof stating that you are capable of covering the repayments of the home loan without any problem. The statement should include car loan details, personal loan details, and the details of other such commitments.

  • Details of the Property 

If you have any property finalised, then you are required to get the sale contract copy from the concerned person. People who are planning to construct a new home are required to get the tender and fixed price copy with them. It should also include the plans and contracts that are approved by the concerned council.

Once you have accumulated all the required documents, you are then required to answer some of the questions that the mortgage broker asks you such as, the financial situation, and future lifestyle, and so on. Unlike banks, the mortgage brokers will offer all the required suggestions for you if required at any stage of property investment.

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