Do You Want to Buy Industrial Office Chairs and Task Chairs for Your Home?

All different types of tasks and different desks will need different chairs. There is a wide number of chair varieties available these days. The ideal chair can offer ergonomic support, function, and comfort, as it can relate to your desires and duties, but what chair will be your perfect fit?

We are presenting here many different varieties of industrial office chairs and task chairs that you can also find in the Smithers Of Stamford store.

  • Industrial desk chairs

Often the industrial design furniture is made of a certain mix of warm wood and dark metals. Industrial-style desk chairs usually are rustic type in nature and since the industrial design style for the interior is associated with any factories and hence it can be the perfect theme for your home decorating too.

  • Eames-style molded plastic chair

Such replica of twin-set of chairs come with certain moulded polypropylene seats with dowel wooden legs, in 2 ensembles where you can easily set up. Protect your floor by using their plastic protectors, and try to stand them up behind your desk.

  • Eames plastic armchair

Do you love the rolling wheels sound over the hardwood? This chair has been modelled after the first chair that is industrially produced in the world that is made for hard floors.

  • Tulip-style chair

If you dare to be a little different with the office chair then this futuristic chair with white pod and aluminium base will surely make a splash in your office, with its seat of ABS plastic and 17-cushion colour options.

  • Kartell masters-style chair

The winner of the 2010 Good Design Awards and 2015 Gold Dot, its designers have fused 3 chair functions for creating its form. It will certainly be a unique inclusion to any office or home, outdoor-friendly, and also boast a range of 5 colours.

  • Casper-style home office chair

These Casper chairs are timeless design. You can use this injection-moulded version in your office, or select from 9 other colours to offer bolder interiors.

  • Panton S-style chair

You will not find any other eye-catching design than this one-piece chair. Delight and surprise your workplace just by sitting on the ABS-constructed, black, white, red, or blue form. You can also sit straighter on its ergonomic shape.

  • Trattoria armchair

Are you looking for any office chair for matching your industrial home decor? Then this electric-plated metal find will not mark the floor and needs minimal assembly time. You can stack its commercial-grade form below an industrial desk.

  • Flow chair

These natural, brown, or bleached oak legs will add a style to your home office. Try to look out for its reduced height, hidden swivel, and also inner upholstery options that offer a comfortable place for viewing tiny shelf satellites in the space decor office.

  • Muuto cover chair

Your selection for an oak veneer or lacquered ash twists to form this kind of contemporary chair where no metal parts are used.

  • Colorful desk chairs

Made in bright blue, pink, purple, or green, all these simple ergonomic designs will allow breathability in their backs where swivels are fitted in their roller stands.

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