Difference between Asphalt, Metal and Slate Roofing Material

There are many different kinds of roofing materials available in the market each having their own speciality and can protect your roof against various kinds of weather. However, all kind of roof materials may not be the right choice for all weather conditions.

While considering various roof materials, slate roofs are usually considered to be the best material for roofing, but they may be quite a costly option, if you opt for premium quality slate material. Besides, installation of slate roof needs a special expertise, and only a special slate roofer can install them successfully.

While considering for Sydney slate roofing, you must prefer to hire the services of NSW slate roofing company for their installation, so that you can do proper justice to your investment and all the trouble that you need to take for installing your roof.

Let us try to understand in brief details about Asphalt, metal as well as slate roofing material so that you can choose the right material for your roofing replacement.


In a country like America, asphalt is the most preferred option as a roofing material. As per the data available with us, asphalt shingles are found to be installed in most of the residential properties all across America.

Since asphalt is most affordable material, it is one of the most compelling reasons why most of the homeowners usually prefer to choose this material for their roofing. Now due to various technical innovations, even asphalt has been given an appearance like wood shakes as well as slate. Thus, you can get roof for lower price with an appearance of slate roof.

As compared to any other roofing materials, asphalt shingles can weather more quickly. At the same time, they also offer reliable protection from various elements.

There are few specialized products available from top manufacturers, which have enhanced qualities, e.g. impact resistance and also solar heat reflectivity. Asphalt-shingle roofs can also lend themselves for skylight installation as generally they are pitched.


If you are looking for any fast-growing roof covering choice available in the market, then metal roof will be right choice. Whether it is finished or unfinished, any kind of metal roofing system will always contribute to overall energy efficiency for any home.

If any metal is ever used in the construction then you will find metal as very enduring material and it can last for decades even if you do minimal maintenance irrespective of what your conventional wisdom may say.

Any metal roofing will not magnetize lightning. As a matter of fact, metal roofing will offer superior fire protection, as they are non-combustible in spite of being hit by a powerful electrical charge.


Slate, we have already mentioned that so far as longevity is concerned, nothing can beat slate roofs. Slate material is toughened by pressure and heat for millions years. Also, high-density slate will be immune to fire and impervious to moisture.

However, if slates are mishandled then it is prone to break, and therefore you must be very careful while hiring your roofer, in order to ensure fault free installation.

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