What Are the Top Ways of Making the Most of the Gap Over Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Wasted space is something that we all hate. However, in numerous kitchens, it is all around the room over the kitchen cabinets. Of course, the most radical solution for that is to refurbish and redesign your kitchen.

As part of your design process, you can minimise wasted space and utilise it in a functional way. That might not be an option right now. So what are some of the best ways to make the best use of the annoying gap that is in between the top of the kitchen cabinets and the ceiling?

For Display Purposes

1. Serving Pieces

For tableware pieces that are infrequently used and decorative in nature, the gap over the kitchen cabinets can be a perfect place to display them. It is a real shame to hide away your beautiful crockery. Occasionally, you may need to have access to them, like at Christmas time, and if they are not buried in the back of the cupboards, or not already displayed on beautiful stone worktops by the likes of Zen Kuchen, it can be quite practical.

2. Lofty Art Gallery

If it is a high enough gap in between the cabinet and ceiling, it can be used to display all of the nice pieces of artwork you don’t have a home for. From canvases to sculpture and framed prints, those things can be transformed into a special talking point for the design of your kitchen.

3. Distinctive Collection

Maybe you really like die-cast vehicles or ornamental jugs? If so, your kitchen can be used to reveal and display your passion. If you display your collection over your kitchen cabinets, it can keep your valuable items safe while still letting them be truly appreciated.

For Extra Storage

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1. Boxes and Baskets

To maximise your storage space over your kitchen cabinets, boxes and baskets are the keys. That way, a streamlined kitchen design can be maintained and you can safely stow the bits and pieces away you rarely use.

2. Cookbooks

Over the years, many people acquire a large collection of cookbooks. There are two different things that can be done with your extensive cookbook collection: display or declutter. With a long area of space available over your kitchen cabinets, it is a great place for all of your cookbooks to be on display.

3. Extra Wine Storage

A kitchen can ever have too much storage space for wine. When racks are installed over your kitchen cabinets, you can safely store many bottles so that you are never short on wine. The solution also has the benefit of looking fantastic!

For Something Different

1. Greenery

Whether real or fake, the top part of your kitchen cabinets is an excellent area for bringing the outdoors inside. Trailing plants provide a feeling of depth – just as long as they do not get in your way. Since the plants are high up, they can benefit from all of the abundances of sunlight, so there will be minimal care that is necessary. Even when going fake, the greenery look will make your kitchen appear natural and fresh.

2. Lighting

This is a project; however, it provides you will a very effective look. Uplighting can be installed to turn a space that was previously redundant into a real talking point. To make this feature more adaptable and flexible you can experiment with intelligent or colour lighting systems.

3. Ignore It Until Christmas!

You don’t, of course, need to do anything. The gap can be left open is an option that is always available to you. Then, once Christmas comes around, it is an excellent place for placing festive lights or branches.

For DIY projects

1. Install a Shelf

When there is a large enough gap in between the ceiling and cabinet, you might be able to install an extra shelf maximise the use of the space. More frequently used items can be store hut, but most likely, you will have to get a stepping stool if you do that!

2. Fill up the Space

If you don’t desire or require the extra storage but the gap is bothering you, then you can box it off and then paint it in your kitchen cabinet or wall’s colour scheme.

3. Move Your Cabinets Down

It is a big project to move cabinets down in order to make a space more useable. Therefore, if you are considering that, then it is time to have your kitchen refitted!

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