Learn About Acrylic Rendering And Its Advantages

Acrylic render is a special kind of rendering that makes use of acrylic. Compared to the conventional form of rendering, it offers better strength and flexibility. The chances of the appearance of cracks on it are very scarce. Furthermore, Acrylic rendering looks attractive as well as offers durability to its users.

In this article, we will tell you more about the advantages of this type of rendering in detail. 

About Acrylic rendering

Acrylic render is referred to as the type of render that makes use of acrylic. It is a form of plastic. The procedure of its application is simple. It gives immense strength and flexibility to the object. You can roll, spray, or trowel on the surface. Generally, two coats are sufficient to get the best results. 

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Benefits of using an acrylic rendering

The exterior surface of the home is prone to cracks. Acrylic rendering on the outside surface of the home offers flexibility and robustness to the surface. 

This implies that you need not worry about the natural contraction and expansion of the surface of the home that can lead to unsightly hairline cracks in the render. Let us see some of the interesting benefits of acrylic rendering.

Available in varying finishes

Acrylic rendering is very attractive. You can apply it in various ways to create different finishes such as a concrete finish or a textured finish. 

Can be applied to any surface

Another important advantage of acrylic rendering is that you can apply it to various surfaces that include concrete, painted walls, fiber cement, timber, fiber cement sheeting, brick, concrete, plasterboard, and block cement. Where conventional rendering fails to stick onto these surfaces, acrylic glues to the surface easily. 

Dries soon

Acrylic render is observed to dry very quickly. Where traditional rendering requires one month for this process, acrylic rendering requires only some days to get perfectly dried. 

Acrylic render enables the material to “breathe”, and results in a dry and healthy home easily. Also, this rendering offers the best resistance towards water and doesn’t succumb to fungi, and bacteria. 

Are there any conditions to use acrylic render?

Acrylic rendering is not advised to be used for surfaces like plywood, blue board, weatherboard, etc. Standard acrylic comes in two common colors as off white, and grey. In most cases, people prefer them in their natural state, but they can also be painted in various shades. It will give a more attractive look to your home. 

Choose the best quality of weather and waterproof paint to keep your building in the best condition. Premixed acrylic render is a good choice and comes at an affordable price.


Acrylic rendering is amazingly versatile. If you want to make your house exterior durable and attractive, then choose acrylic-based rendering. Due to these attractive benefits, it is preferred over other conventional rendering materials.

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